When you search for ‘where to eat in Southport’ you will find that there are many fine options. 

There are restaurants for every type of cuisine, there is everything from fine dining through to some superb smaller cafes. There are also some of the best fish and chip takeaways you will find in the UK.

However, we passionately believe that any search cannot be complete without talking about Bliss Hotel and our Bliss Kitchen and why we stand apart.

Please consider us not because there is a lack of other options – Southport is blessed with places to eat.

Instead, please consider us because we have a stunning menu that caters to all and a setting that is truly unsurpassed.


A Stunning Reputation in Southport

At Bliss Hotel, we have hired leading chefs to back up our reputation as the coast’s preeminent hotel. We believe this makes our menu and level of food unsurpassed – and this is true whether you want a burger and chips, or something a bit less common.

Of course, it is easy to speak of being superb. But what do the independent reviews say about us, when people are looking for the best place to eat in Southport?

The reviews are superb, recent reviews, all from TripAdvisor, include.

“Food was delicious, I absolutely loved my gnocchi in tomato sauce, definitely my new favourite dish.”

“The food in the restaurant is excellent and I understand they are introducing a new menu which will include more choices” (Yes, we are – the choice is now better than ever!)

“The food was of a very high standard and you certainly didn’t go hungry.” (This is true – we aren’t one of those restaurants that makes food that looks nice, but leaves you half full.)

And there are so many more. In fact, if you select excellent reviews – the vast majority – and filter by those that mention food, there are 122 pages of reviews!

This is thousands of customers over the last few years who have felt compelled to mention the quality of the food at Bliss Hotel.


Dining With A Difference in Southport

The food is excellent, but when you’re wondering where to eat in Southport, one area that truly sets us apart is our setting.

Other restaurants can claim to have superb staff, talented chefs and a good choice on the menu. And they would be right.

However, none can also match our location and our sense of style.

Our aim is that people talk about us, we are somewhere remarkable, somewhere people remember, and yet not ostentatious or stressful.

Different in all the best ways. Blissful.

We are situated on Southport’s Marine Lake with 180-degree views of the Irish Sea, you can gaze upon miles after mile of stunning coastline. From our rooftop terrace, you can relax in the splendour of your settings, while the restaurant rooms inside the hotel are snug, welcoming and everything you need to relax and unwind, away from the stresses of everyday life.

The art deco styling showcases our personality, yet does so in a way that is also comfortable.

We want people to say ‘Have you tried Bliss Kitchen? You really have to.’

And, all those impartial reviews and our rating as the top location across multiple review sites shows we are getting it right!


Food Choices For All

Our menu is ever-changing as we take advantage of the seasons and the wonderful suppliers on our doorstep.

We use the best local suppliers to create a menu that is fresh, stunning, but also always has hearty favourites that are suitable for every member of the family. All dietary requirements are catered to.

There are burgers and meaty favourites – severed with traditional fries, or our much-loved halloumi fries.

Feeling like something healthy, we have a wide range of salads packed full of fresh ingredients (some of these salads are not quite so virtuous as others!)

Mains have choices for those who like things spicy – a regular favourite is the Vietnamese Pho Bowl.

And, of course, given our location, a stunning fish and chips choice is a MUST. We have beer-battered haddock with thick-cut chips.

Fancy something truly special? A 21-day aged steak will get anyone’s tastebuds going.

And then there is perhaps the best course – the desserts! Make sure you leave room for these.

Afterwards, there is the coffee and perhaps a little tipple as you relax post meal. Why not step outside to the Rooftop Bar and relax with the best views to be found on the coast.


Universally Loved Eatery

Across every major review site, our independent, verified reviews are stunning. Please take the time to browse the reviews, better still, take the time to enjoy our food.




Planning a family meal out, never mind a break, can be a nightmare, but we’re about to take all of the stress of arranging somewhere great to eat out of the picture. Bliss Kitchen is one of the best family restaurants in Southport. We have a child-friendly menu that’s right around the corner from some of the coasts best tourist attractions.


Visiting Bliss Kitchen

Bliss Kitchen is open to non-residents and booking is recommended for evenings and weekends. Visit our website for more about Bliss Kitchen, including our menu and booking.