With 180 degree views of the Irish Sea and the finest choice of cocktails to be found, the Bliss Bar is the go-to rooftop bar in Southport.

It is our mission to create the perfect rooftop bar experience.

The drinks are plentiful, with everything from the finest beers and wines through to the highest quality spirits and a wonderful range of cocktails.

You can melt into the seating, sofas that remove any remaining stresses from the day.

The atmosphere is relaxed, with cool soul and Balearic beats floating in the air, out across the marina and the coast.

Southport Rooftop Bar cocktail menu

Highest Rated Southport Roof Terrace

We are proud to stand out – different, but not brash, having personality but also class.

Our rooftop terrace is something we are proud of; come for a quick after work drink, a catch-up with friends, or even combine it with our restaurant offering some of the best food to be found in the north west.

However, it is easy to say we are the best and speak of the quality of our roof terrace (we are like parents, annoyingly proud of their children!)

What do the reviews say, the equivalent of the teacher’s report?

On TripAdvisor, of the hundreds of reviews, the vast majority rate us outstanding.

Many go out of their way to mention our rooftop bar.

Recent comments – and these are all on TripAdvisor – include.

“This Hotel The BLISS is beautifully situated ,The views are outstanding from the ROOF GARDEN.”

(after eating at the restaurant) “we ended up staying here as the roof terrace was so relaxing and we were able to watch the sunset, so we didn’t need to move!! Pure Bliss!”

“Loving the refurb, the lounge area and roof garden are beautiful. Had dinner in the Bliss Kitchen and was not disappointed.”

“The roof bar is great on a nice day , overlook the lake !”

“Before bed I met another friend in the bar and stayed till after midnight – happy days.”

Style With A Difference

If you’re going to visit a rooftop bar, you don’t want it to be boring or run of the mill.

Can a bar be anything worse?

Well, maybe being too in your face is just as bad.

We strike a balance, this has always been our aim.

It is our belief that while a lot of bars are fine, they are all a bit samey.

You can have a perfectly OK evening, it just isn’t memorable in any way.

Bliss is different. We only opened in 2018, bringing a modern approach, but also some old fashioned class.

It is our aim to create a space that has personality, that is different, that is exceptional.

A Rooftop Terrace For All

Our rooftop bar is suitable for everyone.

If you like good drinks in a beautiful setting and enjoy relaxing, then you’ll fit right in.

Many come for after work drinks, perhaps a quick catch up turning into a lengthy night, watching the sun set over the coast.

Others catch up with friends – and, at the time of writing, after a year of Covid-19 lockdowns, that certainly sounds tempting.

Sometimes we are the start of an evening, people meet at the rooftop terrace before heading out to see more of the sights of Southport.

Only, often that part of the plan goes out the window.

Why leave when you have comfy seats, good music and Southport’s best choice of cocktails and spirits?

Whatever your reason for coming, we will make you feel welcome.

Some keep to themselves, others mix and mingle. There is plenty of room for all.

We looked at some of the other Google listings for rooftop bars in Southport and half the information is about the people they don’t want.

They don’t want parties, they don’t want you to bring things. It seems they don’t want you to have fun.

Turn up, give us some money, go on your way. We’re not like that!

Why do we love it so much?

Well, when we had to write a page for this site about our rooftop terrace, where do you think we headed to write it?

That’s right – the rooftop terrace. There’s wifi, there’s the best view you’ll find and there are comfy sofas. No wonder this page has taken all day to write!

Try Us Out

Look, let’s be honest. You are searching for a rooftop terrace in Southport.

We have a rooftop terrace. We believe it is the best and the reviews back us up.

We’ll stick a few images in this page, but what else is there to say?!

If you want great drinks in a superb setting, come and check us out. Time it right and you’ll also get some great special offers on drinks.

Reviews of Bliss Kitchen and Rooftop Terrace