With a stunning rooftop bar, menu to suit all tastes and budgets and unmatched reviews, Bliss Hotel stands apart among places to eat in Southport.

In truth, there are many fine restaurants in Southport.

Looking at an independent site such as TripAdvisor will confirm this.


Every palette is catered for, there is everything from good pub food through to fine dining.

Fancy a great Indian, Chinese or Italian – these are all readily available too.

Where we believe Bliss Hotel stands apart is in its range of food options and setting. 

You can eat inside in a thoroughly modern, beautifully fitted restaurant, or enjoy the stunning rooftop with views across Southport and the coast.

This makes your meal an occasion.

Highest Rated Southport Restaurant

Is our food the best? We believe so, we have hired leading chefs in keeping with our status as a stunning hotel.

The reviews are superb, recent reviews, all from TripAdvisor, include.

“Food was delicious, I absolutely loved my gnocchi in tomato sauce, definitely my new favourite dish.”

“The food in the restaurant is excellent and I understand they are introducing a new menu which will include more choices” (Yes, we are – the choice is now better than ever!)

“The food was of a very high standard and you certainly didn’t go hungry.” (this is true – we aren’t one of those restaurants that makes food that looks nice, but leaves you half full.

And there are so many more. In fact, if you select excellent reviews – the vast majority – and filter by those that mention food, there are 122 pages of reviews!

This is thousands of customers over the last few years who have felt compelled to mention the quality of the food at Bliss Hotel.

Food Choices In Southport

Southport has something for everyone, and that is our approach at the Bliss Kitchen too.

As a group, it is rare that everyone truly wants the same type of food, it is always a compromise.

Why not eat somewhere that does multiple styles of food superbly well.

All authentic, all cooked with great skill and care.

Our menu changes regularly, this to incorporate the wonderful local ingredients.

In Southport, we are blessed to have wonderful coastline and seafood, nearby there are stunning producers of meat, fruit and vegetables.

We pick from the best and use this to inform our menu, keeping it fresh and seasonal.

However, old favourites remain too.

There will always be hearty burgers, these served with fries (or halloumi fries) constantly said to be the best to be found.

Salads are healthy yet filling – packed full of the freshest of ingredients.

Mains have choices for those who like things spicy – a regular favourite is the Vietnamese Pho Bowl.

A hugely popular choice is the beer battered haddock and chubby chips – fish and chips done to perfection. You won’t have had better.

Feeling hungry?

All our meals are designed to satisfy any appetite, but sometimes only steak will do. Rump and fillet are available, 21-day aged steaks cooked just how you like it.

That is just the main courses – and you know what a lot of people say after a meal.

They say their favourite part was the starter or the dessert (are you a starter or dessert person? Why not be both?)

Then there is the coffee and perhaps a little tipple as you relax post meal. Why not step outside to the Rooftop Bar and relax post meal with the best views to be found on the coast.

Dining With A Difference

There are certain aspects of a good dining experience that are universal.

The food must be great, the service, whether formal or informal, must be polite and professional.

However, if you don’t go beyond the basics, you can have a meal that is nice, perfectly fine, just not all that memorable.

Our aim at Bliss Kitchen is that it is somewhere that people talk about.

They ask ‘have you tried Bliss Kitchen’? It is somewhere you HAVE to go.

How do we achieve this?

We strive to be different, but still classy. We have personality, without being brash.

We are bold, proud, stylish and exceptional, but also high quality.

We have the standards you would expect of a four-star luxury boutique hotel; the modern touches you would expect of a business that is just a few years old.

The location makes us different, situated by the Marine Lake and with 180 degree views of the Irish Sea.

Inside, there is art deco architecture and the confidence to showcase personality. The feel is comfortable, somewhere you can relax, not the regimented feel of many restaurants.

Universally Loved Eatery

Across every major review site, our independent, verified reviews are stunning. Please take the time to browse the reviews, better still, take the time to enjoy our food.




Planning a family meal out, never mind a break, can be a nightmare, but we’re about to take all of the stress of arranging somewhere great to eat out of the picture. Bliss Kitchen is one of the best family restaurants in Southport, aside from Betty (our robot), we have a child-friendly menu that’s right around the corner from some of the coasts best tourist attractions.