At Bliss Hotel, you can enjoy the finest afternoon tea in Southport – the perfect combination of great food and drink, a stunning location and a wonderful ambience.

However, we also do things a little bit differently. Don’t worry – different in a great way, not zany, or just change for the sake of it.

Rest assured, the food and drink on offer will be of the highest standard. Our restaurant and menu are rated among the best in the region, we know how to create the perfect afternoon tea.

There are so many options – rather than listing a huge range of menu options here, we’d rather just chat to you. Who is the afternoon tea for, what sort of things do you love, do you want it to be a boozy, sparkly afternoon tea, or not?

Afternoon teas can be for a range of occasions – a catch up with friends, a special occasion such as Mother’s Day (and let’s not forget the dads), birthdays and – well, whatever reason you want. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a reason!

Our independent, verified reviews demonstrate our quality – thousands of reviews across big-hitting sites such as and TripAdvisor, the vast majority for the full five stars. We’ll link to the reviews lower down.

If the food and drink are perfect, what else do you need? Surely that’s enough?

We’d have to disagree.

You can get great afternoon teas delivered to home, the food and drink will be enjoyable, but it’s not an experience.

For it to be an experience, special and memorable, everything has to come together.

That is why Bliss stands apart.

We have a number of different rooms that can be used for afternoon teas – from the stunning rooftop bar through to the Green Room – velvet heaven as we like to call it.

The views are stunning, 180-degree views of the beautiful coastline along the Irish Sea and the Marina on which we are situated. Of course, you can also find a cozy corner, and feel beautifully shut off from the stresses of the world. Just you, your friends and family, and the finest selection of treats and drinks.

There is no singular afternoon tea experience – there is your experience.

Make it what you want it to be. It can be an ultra-modern afternoon tea, on the terrace, with gentle Balearic beats in the background, or it can be more old school, in the snug setting of enveloping armchairs and traditional charm.

This is at the heart of how we operate, taking things beyond the normal, but still applying the highest of standards – the standards you would expect of a four-star, award-winning hotel.

Afternoon Tea – Classic or Bubbly?

Did you know, you can treat someone to afternoon tea at Bliss by buying gift vouchers?

We have two options – the classic and the bubbly – you can probably guess the differences!

Our Classic Afternoon Tea takes you back to a time when life was less complicated.

Beautifully brewed tea, a selection of finger sandwiches, artisan cakes and freshly baked scones with cream, really hits the spot.

With the bubbly afternoon tea, you get a glass of fizz too!

But, for those really special occasions, please just get in touch with us so we can tweak things to make it absolutely perfect for you and your group.

About Bliss

At Bliss, we are about being different, bold, stylish and exceptional. A lot of tea rooms and cafes are just OK – perfectly serviceable, but entirely forgettable.

You look back at your bank statement a month later and wonder – what did I buy at that cafe? Did I go there? And you have to trawl your memory to think back to that afternoon tea, or trip out.

You will remember an afternoon tea at Bliss.

The art deco architecture and stylish interior sets the scene, there are spaces that are lavish yet intimate.

Bliss means just that – bliss. What more could you want from an afternoon tea in Southport?
Of course, the cynics among you might say that ‘you would say that’.

Please take the time to read the impartial reviews via the links below.

We’d love to welcome you – come take the weight off and rest and relax!

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