Terms & Conditions

Bookings, payment and time of stay
1. Reservations should be made verbally, then immediately confirmed in writing or guaranteed by credit card. Written confirmation must include the arrival date(s), duration of stay, guest name(s) and clear instructions regarding payment of final account. We have to mention the above, but really? Who writes to a hotel to book a room? It’s not 1918.
2. A booking is a binding agreement after acceptance by a member of hotel staff.
3. All bookings are subject to availability. We want you to stay but there’s only so many rooms.
4. Overnight accommodation is available from 3pm on the first day of booking and rooms must be vacated by 11am on the day of departure. You’d miss our excellent breakfast if you slept in any longer anyway.
5. Rates quoted include VAT at the current rate at time of booking.
6. Prior to acceptance the hotel will require credit card details, deposit or full payment in advance. See “cancellation terms” below.
7. All charges must be paid for in full on or before departure unless we agree credit facilities. If credit facilities are agreed, we may still require a deposit.
a. Credit accounts are available subject to prior approval and business. Credit approval normally takes 30 days and is not available until confirmation is agreed.
b. Accounts are payable 30 days from invoice, interest will be charged at Lloyds Bank Plc base rate from the date payment becomes due. Interest will be calculated on a daily basis until the account is paid in full.
8. The hotel reserves the right to refuse any business that it feels is not suited to the day to day operation of its business and the comfort of our other guests. Fire eaters and knife juggling being examples

Cancellations and loss of deposit
9. You must send confirmation of any cancellation to the hotel in writing. Cancellations take effect when the hotel receives the notice. If you stick a few kisses on the end we process it faster.
10. Occasionally we need to cancel bookings. If we cancel a booking, we will refund any money paid in advance. We can cancel a booking without liability to you if:
a. The hotel or any part of it is closed due to circumstances out of its control. Alien invasion, roof disappears those kind of things.
b. You are or become insolvent, bankrupt in liquidation or receivership.
c. We believe your stay will adversely affect us or the hotel’s security or reputation. Walking in naked would be a good example.
d. You do not pay the appropriate deposit.
11. If we cancel the bookings for any other reason, we will take reasonable steps to find alternative accommodation of the standard but cannot guarantee the same rate for the room.
12. If you cancel the booking/rooms we may have difficulty re-selling, therefore if you cancel a booking, we will keep all or part of any deposit plus a payment from credit card or render an invoice, for a total payment as set out below. a. For group reservations, 8 rooms or more the following charges will apply. 28 days or more prior to arrival date – Free of charge b. Within 28 days prior to arrival – 100% charge applies c. If a confirmed arrival does not show on the night of arrival, one-night accommodation will be charged and any subsequent nights cancelled unless we are notified to the contrary. If someone lets you down make them pay up.

Planning of number of rooms/guests
13. You must tell us the number of rooms/guests you expect when booking.
14. Provide a rooming list no later than 14 days prior to arrival
15. Any reduction in rooms will incur cancellation charge as per our standard terms (see 12)
16. Additional room requirements & rates will be available subject to hotel availability.

You and your guests must
17. Comply with all licensing, health & safety and other rules and regulation applicable at the hotel. No sliding down the handrails or locking your mate out of his room naked.
18. Act in a proper and orderly way in the hotel and its grounds and comply with our management’s reasonable requests. You might be quite colourful and creative in your language but we don’t all want to hear it. Plus it upsets Betty.
19. Obtain the consent of the hotel before fixing any signs or displays to the walls and before using any specialist electrical equipment. You will be liable for any damage caused even if consent is given. We have never had anyone bring in an orbital sander but just in case they do.

You and your guest must not
20. Use incendiaries, fireworks and/or other explosives in the hotel or its grounds. You’ll only end up losing a finger and having a mug shot. You’re not 15 anymore… unless you are 15 and you’re reading this. If so don’t do it, it doesn’t make you look cool.
21. Bring any dangerous or hazardous items into the hotel. This is not referring to x-boyfriends or girlfriends. But the other things that you shouldn’t possess anyway
22. You indemnify us from loss of damage caused by you or any of your guests to any part of our premises, to any equipment and to third parties and their property. So talk to your mate who’s always keen to hangout of windows and is always trying to backward summersault off the bed. It’s not Funland, that’s across the road.
23. Your guests are responsible for safekeeping of their belongings. We are not liable for damage or loss unless it is caused by our negligence or a stature requires that we are liable whether or not we are liable. So don’t leave you iPhone on the table and wander off, you’re not at home we are a lovely hotel and it does feel super chilled but you never know.
24. We have insurance that may cover damage caused by our negligence, that is limited to £50.00 per item and up to a maximum of £100.00 per guest. However, you should take out insurance to cover loss or damage caused by or to any property during the stay. Betty runs a tight ship she tries her best to make sure this doesn’t happen.

25. Details of emergency procedures and exit routes are located in each bedroom. So before diving head first into the mini bar try and work out where you are in the hotel could come in handy in the unlikely event someone doesn’t abide by rule 20.
26. This is an agreement interpreted according to English law and the English courts have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any dispute. Betty really wanted to deal with this part but British law overruled her.