Last Thursday, the Southport Visiter ran a fantastic article about our hotel and some of its wonderful team, if you missed it, then here’s our round-up of how we hope to make Southport proud.

Daniel Broch, owner of Bliss Hotel Southport and creative mastermind behind Everyman Cinemas is leading the ultimate team of experts on what will be a total transformation of Bliss Hotel as well as the Waterfront complex as a whole. Rather than just a location for hotel guests, corporate events and Christmas parties, Mr Broch wants the destination to be a regular haunt for locals and visitors alike.

This is a hugely exciting time for Southport and it’s residents – the development of this space will create a hub of experience, entertainment and sensory delight for locals and visitors all while contributing to the local economy and the cultural offering of our town.

Starting the story with Bliss Hotel Southport, we have begun transforming the space into visual heaven, showing our guests what Bliss really is. Our new penthouses are currently being built, with views over Marine Lake and beyond these will be stunning Art Deco-inspired rooms that ooze sophistication. As well as this (as if you need more) all of our rooms and corridors are currently being transformed. Our new style rooms are filled with plush Interiors, cool colour palettes and elegant textures. Cutting edge style combines with our art deco heritage to create an old-world glamour you will want to fall into night after night.

As well as the transformation of the accommodation, an overhaul to the entertainment side will extend the public bar space into currently vacant space over Marine Lake and a new roof garden will be opened. This amazing multi-faceted area will be renamed, Bliss Space, and will hold regular events including comedy, live music and DJ sets.

Adding another chapter to our story is Southport Theatre. We are proud to manage the historical landmark that has seen the likes of The Beatles and Pink Floyd perform on the stage of The Floral Hall Ballroom. With our Creative Director, Emma Lloyd at the helm – we are already seeing the theatre program develop. With music legends, Graham Nash, Don McLean, Heather Small and Marty Pellow all set to appear at the theatre as well as boradway big hitters Avenue Q and much more, the theatre is truly in its renaissance.

We have a team of experts behind our transformation, (find out more here) the possibilities are endless, and we’re excited, join us on this journey and experience Bliss!