We are all about creating an experience to delight and surprise. Picturesque, elegant and rich in heritage, Southport, once again is on the way to becoming the bustling hub of British Culture that it was once famous for. Having welcomed the likes of Marlene Deitritch, Pink Floyd and The Beatles to the stage of the Floral Hall.

The Waterfront Southport aims to connect physical spaces of and surrounding Bliss Hotel and the Southport Theatre and Floral Hall, transforming the development into a place which is embedded into and as exciting as its backdrop and Southport’s overarching destination strategy of being Different Everytime.

The Waterfront will offer a different kind of experience, each and every time people visit. Whether it’s for leisure or business, becoming the beating heart of Southport, infusing life back into the town through arts, culture and leisure, re-defining The Waterfront and Southport as a national destination.