Does Art Make us Happier?



 “Art speaks where words are unable to explain”, “A picture is a poem without words”. Since the begging of time, when Neanderthals scrawled on to cave walls, art has been a pillar of human life, allowing us to express ourselves where words have failed. Now studies are showing that art is in fact, making us happier.

Even more fascinating is the discovery in a recent study by neurobiologist and University College London professor Semir Zeki, who found that looking at a work of art can actually have the same psychological effect as the euphoric experience of romantic love. Now THAT is Bliss.

Behind the scenes, in our busy Head Office, we have been developing something called Blissonik. A movement dedicated to music, film, fashion an art, four pillars that sit at the heart of all we create and do here at Bliss. You may have already noticed the changes to the design of the hotel, most recently including some stunning original artwork by Norfolk based artist Hannah Nicole Drew.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words – The Story Behind the Images

Hannah Nicole Drew is a 22-year-old photography graduate from Norfolk. While at a photo shoot on location in Blakeney she met Daniel and Lisa, the masterminds behind our hotel as well as their teenage daughter, Edith, who became the model for Hannah’s series of portraits. This led to a creative collaboration that would help Hannah produce a series of works, most notably ‘Dressed Like a Daydream’, a collection of images focused on the female gaze – featuring Edith. Hannah said, “I wanted the message of my images to be empowering compared to the overly sexualised fashion imagery we are surrounded by”.

Romantic, colourful and vivid – the striking images are now in pride of place at Bliss Hotel Southport, offering all who enter our hotel a hub of creativity that includes, eclectic interiors, beautiful art and soothing music from our Blissonik playlist.

So, why not come and see us. Grab a coffee, kick back and listen to our Blissonik playlist while studying our stunning new art.


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